12. März 2017


Ronsite – „thermal spray a new age is moving in“

was founded in 2013. The Headquarter is located in Cologne,Germany. The development of the RZ-GUN took 3 years and is now protected by an international patent. During the development time RONSITE took part in the second biggest business plan contest of Germany. After the 6 months judging process, RONSITE became the third winner out of 115 teams, which was a great achievement and a lot of local support was gained for the start up period.

What makes RONSITE unique? Why this new technology?

The market indicated a missing piece in the service of big machine parts, which cannot be rotated easily to get the right speed for the coating. High mass out of the center causes technical problems. The transport of parts more than 2000 kg are costly and time intensive. Furthermore the new design for the wind energy gearbox is showing lower tolerances, which therefore do not allow
the repair with bushings. Water turbine housing. can´t be disassembled, therefore the repair need to be done onsite.
For this reason RONSITE improved a existing thermal spray coating
technology and developed the RZ-GUN, which is the answer to all inner surface coating applications.

If required, the coating unit can also be used to do the coating on shafts (outer surface) and flange areas, with limited travel. RONSITE is working together with partners for the machining of the coating areas inhouse and onsite. Today RONSITE is operating in west and north Germany. The coating unit can also be operated overseas.